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Jul 30, 2020

It is a privilege to have Dr. Michelle Mugge on the show! Dr. Mugge is a dual licensed clinical psychologist and professional counselor and owner of Serenity Foundations, a private practice in beautiful Phoenix, AZ. Her passion is addressing issues such as trauma and anxiety to help her clients heal and begin vibrant chapters in their lives. She strives to help others achieve balance through practicing self-care, a deeper level of self-awareness, and learning productive behaviors.

Episode highlights:

  • Depression, anxiety, and trauma are common, and therapy can make a positive impact

  • Honest expression is important in relationships – emotions are valid and shouldn’t be suppressed

  • Vulnerable conversations and active listening are the foundation for healthy relationships

  • Self-care encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual well-being

  • Self-care includes acknowledging/expressing your emotions and taking actions to nurture them

  • It’s important to be intentional about dedicating time to yourself to preserve your well-being

  • Examples of impactful work done in therapy:

    • Assessing where trauma stems from (e.g., relational experiences)

    • Recognizing unhealthy patterns to determine how to breakthrough and shift them

    • Role-playing to practice new behavior such as authentic communication

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